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Valera Health and Tejas Health Management to Enhance Behavioral Health in Texas

Round Rock, TX., September 20, 2016 – Brooklyn-based behavioral health startup Valera Health and Tejas Health Management today announced a partnership that will enhance care models for individuals in Texas with behavioral health issues. Valera’s smartphone-based care management platform will enable Tejas and its state-wide network of providers to more effectively engage and support individuals who are experiencing mental illness.

This partnership will initially focus on individuals with first breakthrough psychosis, which typically affects individuals between 18 and 35 years old.  A growing body of evidence is showing that early, intensive interventions around initial psychotic episodes can improve individual recovery and life-long healthcare costs. This effort, which will start with several Community Mental Health Centers in Austin, San Antonio and El Paso, will leverage Valera’s digital care management platform and Tejas’ deep experience coordinating and delivering high quality mental health services.

“The Valera-Tejas partnership will leverage 21st century technology to enhance existing care models and improve care.  This partnership will help to make care delivery more efficient, and will drive better patient engagement and better outcomes for this population,” said Thomas Tsang, M.D, CEO and co-founder of Valera.

Valera’s platform utilizes a patient-facing smartphone application that is connected to a cloud-based care management dashboard. In addition to being a conduit for patient self-assessment, education and engagement materials, the platform can detect the changes in patient behavior that suggest the need for clinical intervention and improved care planning.

“Tejas is committed to exploring new modalities of care that leverage our network of providers. Valera is not only a committed partner with exciting technology, they understand the needs of community mental health providers and the needs of this vulnerable population,” said Charlie Boone, CEO of Tejas Health Management


Tejas Health Management (Tejas) is a non-profit association formed to increase efficiency, access and service potential for Community Centers and other participating providers throughout Texas. The governing members of this unique collaboration are Austin Travis County Integral Care, Bluebonnet Trails Community Services, the Center for Health Care Services and Emergence Health Network. These Centers have demonstrated leadership and innovation in the health arena for more than 40 years. Tejas manages a network of providers that provides specialized and accessible behavioral and integrated health care services for children and adults in Texas. To learn more about Tejas, please visit www.tejashma.org.


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