About Us

Valera Health was founded on the belief that effective behavioral health management is key to overall wellbeing. We are passionate about creating personalized and preventive behavioral health solutions that are scalable, innovative, and effective. We ground our solutions in evidence-based models and innovate with cutting-edge digital technology and data analytics. Our team draws from decades of experience implementing integrated care in clinical practice, and working in behavioral health, data analytics, healthcare policy, pharmaceuticals, venture capital, startups and academia.

Our Team

Thomas Tsang, MD, MPH

CEO and Co-Founder

Ofer Sharon, MD, MBA

President and Co-Founder

David Mou, MD, MBA

Medical Director and Co-Founder

Noam Shahaf


Amir Segev


Ilan Ben Tal

Mobile & Algorithm Developer

Noam Tzur

Web and Server Side Developer

Cho Weng

Care Management Specialist

Josephine Engreitz

Program Manager

Arjun Manrai

Data Scientist

Jannine Versi, MBA

Program Manager

Chandrika Samarth

Senior Director, Operations


Varda Shalev, MD, MPA

Eyal Zimlichman, MD, MSC

Clinical Innovation Advisors

Brian Hurley, MD, MBA

  • UCLA Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar, UCLA
  • Former VA National Quality Scholars Fellow
  • Former Delegate to the American Medical Association
  • Former NYU Addiction Psychiatry Clinical Fellow

Kevin Hill, MD, MHS

  • Director of Substance Abuse Consultation Service, McLean Hospital
  • Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
  • Recipient of federal K99/R00 grant award from National Institute on Drug Abuse

Ravi Shah, MD, MBA

  • Psychiatrist at Columbia University Medical Center
  • Wharton School MBA graduate.
  • Former Board of Trustees for the American Psychiatric Association (APA)

Steven Chan, MD, MBA

  • Clinical Informatics & Digital Health Fellow, UCSF
  • Technology Advisory Boardmember
  • Committees on Telepsychiatry and Mental Health Information Technology, American Psychiatric Association (APA