Valera Health

The future of behavioral healthcare

We are revolutionizing behavioral healthcare delivery by creating personalized solutions to benefit patients, payers, providers, employers and caregivers.

1 in 5 American Adults suffers from a behavioral health condition.

The Future of
Behavioral Healthcare

Cutting edge digital tools & data analytics to manage behavioral comorbidities, promote mental wellness, and generate cost savings

Technology and Analytics

Identifying high-risk patients using population analytics and guiding proactive interventions with data insights and digital platform

Enhanced Collaborative Care

Augmenting primary care with case managers and behavioral health specialists using technology

Personalized Patient Experience

Providing patients with responsive care customized to their changing needs

"Our team draws from decades of experience in clinical practice, data science, healthcare policy, pharmaceuticals, venture capital, tech, startups and academia..."

Better Health Outcomes,
Serious Cost Savings

Our technology enables effective behavioral health management to benefit patients, payers, and providers.


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